Our Services

    For more than 30 years, Ada S. McKinley has provided outstanding service to our commercial, federal, and state customers. Contact us for a quote today.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services include Custodial, Janitorial and Housekeeping. We provide proper guidance and direction for producing detailed quality cleaning for all Federal, State, and Commercial facilities. By providing this method of cleaning, we create healthier facilities while maintaining a warm and inviting workplace environment.

We are ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certified, and highly advanced using Green Seal products which promotes a healthier environment. 

Facility Support

Facility Support focuses on the efficient and effective delivery of services and other support services related to any building or structure. When providing facility support, we ensure safety, functionality, and efficiency for individuals traveling through buildings, or occupying space.

The service covers a large range of functions, and generally ties into the methodology of the performance-based activities of environmental services.

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services consist of providing highly complex data entry/synchronization management services which involve a product, and the transmission of services for that product. The product is processed, tested, and replaced if necessary. 

All information on the product is stored on the system database. Once the product is ordered by the customer, the product should reach the customer within five business days.

Information Technology

We specialize in delivering hands-on, career-oriented programs designed to prepare trainees for the workplace. Services are open to everyone, including those who are new to the field of Information Technology (IT), and IT professionals looking to transition into other areas of IT.

The trainings are tailored to support and promote various target audiences and underserved groups in IT (women, visible minorities, youth, and new immigrants). There are opportunities for job placement upon completion of the training.

Mailroom Services

Mailroom services consist of providing daily mail delivery services to valued customers. Depending on the carrier service type, each piece is carefully sorted for customer pick-up, delivered to specified office/building location, or held in a designated area for future customer retrieval. 

For accountability purposes, all mail is logged in before received by the customers. Outgoing mail is metered and delivered to the United States Post Office. Overnight mail is processed through internal systems for delivery.     

Packaging and Light Assembly

Packaging services consist of hand-packaging, shrink-wrapping, poly bagging, kitting, collating, and labeling. Light assembly consists of hand-assembly of light materials, requiring the performance of one to five steps for completing services.

All products are inspected through a quality assurance system to ensure customer satisfaction.